Samsung expected to ship about 45 million Galaxy S10 units in 2019

Samsung expected to ship about 45 million Galaxy S10 units in 2019

Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy S10 isn't just an iterative upgrade over the previous generation and Samsung apparently went all out in the hopes of reviving sales.

According to Bloomberg, while it's too early to judge customer appetite for a folding phone, Samsung is eager to gain the edge before Apple decides to launch its own pliable iPhone.

Samsung may also incorporate an in-display fingerprint sensor for its foldable lineup, as it did for the Galaxy S10 model announced last month, they said. Samsung's spokeswoman said the Galaxy Fold was displayed that way because it wanted more attention on the soon-to-be-launched Galaxy S10, not because there was a problem with the quality of the foldable device. The latter sounds similar to the incoming Moto Razr remake, which will feature a clamshell design reminiscent of Motorola's original flip-phone.

Chung acknowledged that the Galaxy Fold doesn't close completely due to technology not allowing a screen to fold flat like paper, but he said it's better than having the screen on the outside like the Mate X, which will likely be more prone to scratches and damage.

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It is suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is now expected to ship around 40 to 45 million units in 2019, an increase from the previous prediction of 30 to 35 million units.

While Samsung is toiling away on future models, it's also trying to iron-out some durability issues with the display on the Galaxy Fold, sources say. Primary setup includes a triple camera module at the back of the phone which combos a 12MP lens with a variable aperture (with OIS), a 12MP telephoto lens (with OIS) and a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera. It is thinner without an extra screen.

The company was reportedly planning to revive Touch ID by embedding it into the screen at first, but it is now thought to be concentrating its efforts entirely on the Face ID. In the video, you can see that Jorozu unboxed the phone but mainly focused on the blockchain keystore feature.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is working on two different variants of the foldable smartphone other than its Galaxy Fold.