Two New Nintendo Switch Models Coming - Premium And A Cheaper Portable Model

Two New Nintendo Switch Models Coming - Premium And A Cheaper Portable Model

But it may soon have some company.

Nintendo has plans to release two new models of the Nintendo Switch "as early as this summer", according to a Wall Street Journal report citing "parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo".

Both new Switch models are expected to be announced at E3, which kicks off on June 11, with a release date set for a few months later.

A source explained to WSJ that the new consoles might not be what you expect. To make the system cheaper, Nintendo is said to be removing certain system features like vibration.

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Nintendo often releases slight redesigns of its portable and console hardware a few years into their life cycles. Back in January, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said: "We are not considering a successor or a price cut at this time", which seems pretty conclusive, doesn't it? The first is a cheaper variant, where as the second is thought to include "enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers". WSJ's sources note that while the premium Switch wouldn't quite hit the power levels of the PS4 or Xbox One, its very existence would be aimed at helping Nintendo better compete with the Sony and Microsoft offerings.

It should be mentioned: there's some element of mystery here. Although, Nintendo may want them available for E3, which would push the announcement forward to sometime in May.

The consoles will allegedly have new designs, rather than being just higher or lower-performance hardware housed in similar-looking cases. Again. Hey, we all do odd things when we're bored, only Odin can judge me back off man. Getting a less expensive Switch on shelves by the end of the year could be huge for Nintendo, as Pokemon Sword and Shield will nearly certainly be system sellers when they launch later this year.