Apple's next-gen iPhone will support two-way charging; Ming-Cho Kuo

Apple's next-gen iPhone will support two-way charging; Ming-Cho Kuo

First, the Airpods were updated. (There's a little optical sensor just like the one on AirPods, so the earbuds know if they're in your ear or not.) You can pair the Powerbeats Pro to a new iOS device by opening the case close to the device and check the battery levels the same way.

An evolution of the previous Powerbeats earphones, the Powerbeats Pro do away with the wire that connected the previous earbuds together, making these new earphones completely wireless.

The Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 are both truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Basically, it means they have the now familiar two-detached earbuds and charging case design.

I've said before that AirPods are about the only non-over- or on-ear headphones they stay in my grappling savaged ears. Utilising an upgraded linear piston driver, the Powerbeats Pro earphones deliver a powerful acoustic response in a small package.

Huawei's Mate 20 Pro was the first phone to support bilateral wireless charging and Samsung followed suit with its own "Wireless PowerShare" feature on all of its Galaxy S10's.

The AirPods are supposed to retail at £159, so that means they're £129 until BT runs out of stock.

They both ship with a charging case that can extend their total listening time to over 24 hours. Ideal for the charge-phobic gymrats amongst us. As you can see, there are subtle changes in shape in attempt to improve the fit.

Beats says the Powerbeats Pro are. And what does this do? It has a wider dynamic range and offers noise isolation.

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Further, he maintains that all three models of the upcoming iPhones will retain a Lightning connector rather than adopt USB-C. Considering, the phones themselves have just almost decent battery life? To my mind, the latter point isn't that useful in a gym environment, but it's a good feature to have.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that Apple was working on a charging mat but officially Apple has announced that the project has been canceled because it could not achieve the standard it was expecting.

Now that's not a lot to go on, but for people hoping to get in on the next batch of new look iPhones, it appears 2020 might be the year.

Along with sounding better, they should also be much more comfortable to wear with Beats saying fit and stability is paramount to its Powerbeats Pro. Listeners have four colorways to choose from, black, ivory, moss, and navy.

Powerbeats Pro is nearly everything the $199 AirPods isn't - it's more colorful, more comfortable, has a bigger battery, and probably better sound.

Hope everyone feels the burn! But you can buy this case for your older AirPods as well. If you purchase them through our links, we get a small cut of the revenue.

The AirPods (2019) fared slightly better when it came to Radiohead's No Surprises.

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