Barr Will Form Team to Review FBI's Actions in Trump Probe

Barr Will Form Team to Review FBI's Actions in Trump Probe

Not only will the redactions be color-coded according to which of Barr's previously-stated four categories of withheld information they happen to fall into, but Barr also said he plans to provide explanatory documentation justifying each redaction.

"I presume we're going to get the redacted report within a week".

William Barr dodged some questions but did promise release of the Mueller report on schedule.

At Tuesday's hearing, Democrats said they were concerned that a four-page summary letter of the report's main conclusions Barr released last month portrayed the findings in an overly favorable way for President Trump.

"Your premise, that the Justice Department makes health care policy, is simply wrong", Mr. Barr testified.

Trump welcomed that conclusion and has claimed full vindication by Mueller.

With or without the threat of impeachment, there is a possibility that Democrats could obtain disclosure if a court, recognizing that the fight over the Mueller materials is an extraordinary circumstance, exercises its authority over grand jury matters to make a disclosure.

Republican Representative Robert Aderholt of Alabama asked Barr during Tuesday's hearing if the Justice Department is investigating "how it came to be that your agency used a salacious and unverified dossier as a predicate for FISA order on a USA citizen?"

"If you are successful, 12 million people nationally and 750,000 in my home state of Pennsylvania who have coverage under the Medicaid expansion would also likely lose that coverage".

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The Attorney General appeared defensive during questioning about reports that members of Mueller's team were unhappy with his characterizations of their findings.

Barr also said that while the special counsel did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined there was not sufficient evidence to charge the president with a crime.

Barr said his staff were in the process of editing out "sensitive" information - grand jury testimony, intelligence information, information involving ongoing investigations and information on "peripheral" subjects of the investigation who have not been charged. Barr would say that, actually, Mueller declined an opportunity to review Barr's controversial letter on the "principal conclusions" of the report, which anonymous members of Mueller's team apparently complained about.

That is a change from Barr's past statement just 11 days ago when he said in a letter sent to the chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees.

Mueller turned over his confidential report to Barr on March 22 following a 22-month-long probe into whether Donald Trump may have colluded with Russian Federation during his 2016 presidential campaign and whether Trump later obstructed inquiries into the matter. "I do not believe it would be in the public's interest for me to attempt to summarize the full report or to release it in serial or piecemeal fashion". Justice Department officials are scouring the almost 400-page document to remove grand jury information and details relating to pending investigations, among other materials.

He said Barr's testimony "totally undercuts" the Democratic narrative that the summary of Mueller's report was somehow "bogus" and biased in favor of President Trump. While Burr said he didn't know exactly what's in the report, he added, "but there are going to be things that maybe cause some people to say, 'Oh, gosh, I didn't know that existed'". The Department of Justice will continue to defend the long-established tradition of protecting grand jury information, " Laco said. While opening the hearing, subcommittee Chairman Jose Serrano of NY called it "the elephant in the room".

Serrano said Americans have been "left with many unanswered questions" about Mueller's investigation.

"In order to ask Special Counsel Mueller the right questions, the Committee must receive the Special Counsel's full report and hear from Attorney General Barr about that report", Nadler tweeted.

Barr is testifying before a House appropriations subcommittee.