Bernie Sanders says inmates deserve right to vote, 'The View' weighs in

Bernie Sanders says inmates deserve right to vote, 'The View' weighs in

"No", he said during his CNN town hall on Monday.

But that doesn't mean Democrats are united on the issue. And I think that's the question we need to be having in this country. And if you believe the goal of prison is not just punishment, but rehabilitation, then allowing people to still have one of their most fundamental civic responsibilities is a key aspect of rehabilitation. "That's not democracy. That's not what we do". They come up with all kinds of excuses why people of color, young people, poor people can't vote. And to me, that is (sic) incredibly undemocratic, un-American process. "I regard Senator Sanders and President Trump as stupendously different in very, very many respects", he told host Anderson Cooper. That is true. So people in jail can vote. That's what happens when you commit a serious crime, but I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. "If you had offered me a pill to make me straight, I would've swallowed it before you had time to give me a sip of water", Buttigieg said at an LGBTQ Victory Fund event on Sunday. And once those citizens have served their sentences, this country all too often makes it hard for these people to get jobs, vote, and otherwise re-enter their communities on a successful basis - even if they are non-violent offenders.

"Once you start chipping away and you say, 'Well, that guy committed a awful crime, not going to let him vote".

When pressed by moderator Chris Cuomo about letting a convicted terrorist with American citizenship vote from prison, Sanders argued that to take away the vote was a "slippery slope".

"Look, this is what I believe".

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"I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy", Sanders responded, when asked whether or not felons now behind bars should be allowed to vote.

He added: "I believe that people who commit crimes they pay the price".

With an openly anti-immigrant administration, you could've expected a wave of Democratic candidates with comprehensive, robust and palpable migratory proposals.

Another Democratic candidate, Indiana's South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, was asked about Sanders's comments during a following town hall at the college. Advocates of a criminal justice overhaul have been able to chip away at restrictions through state legislatures in conservative states such as Kentucky and Alabama. Believe me, that's what our Republican governors all over this country are doing.

Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for helping carry out the 2013 attack that killed three people and wounded 264 others in the crowd at the iconic race's finish line. And I will do everything I can to resist it. When they get out of jail they should certainly have the right to vote. "Either you have to get everybody to do it or nobody". Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who was murdered by those savages. He will also never get to vote for president ever again. We speak with Ari Berman, senior writer at Mother Jones, about the public debate on voting rights for imprisoned Americans. Kamala Harris later said "we should have that conversation", but on Wednesday she clarified, saying murderers "should be deprived of their rights".