Borderlands 3 goes up for preorder, launches in September

Borderlands 3 goes up for preorder, launches in September

Users unhappy about the Borderlands 3 exclusivity deal with Epic Games Store are review bombing the game on Steam. Firearms with self-propelling bullet shields? Randy then goes on to state that Borderlands 3 might feature full cross-platform play, stating "Myself and the team at Gearbox have a very keen interest in cross-platform play".

The new trailer for Borderlands 3 is here, and while it reveals a ton of new gameplay footage, characters and "a billion guns", it also had one other surprise: a definitive release date of September 13th.

A now-deleted post on the official Borderlands Twitter account may have let slip the release date for Gearbox's recently announced title. The short 6-second clip advertising "guntastic" fun thanks to the "bazillions" of guns in Borderlands 3 includes an Epic Games Store logo all the way through, bottom left, next to the 2K and Gearbox logos.

Above you can see the first Tweet that clearly indicates Borderlands 3 will launch on 13 Sept, a Friday. We are *just* the talent. On one of the pages (but not on all of them), Xbox has listed "cross-platform co-op" as a feature.

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Perhaps more offensive though is the name of the on-the-nose deluxe editions and especially the Collector's Edition.

While the Borderlands 3 box art for each of the different editions is certainly cool, the thing that players are really interested in is what they get for each edition.

For those not anxious about pricing at all, the Diamond Loot Chest Collector's Edition costs $250, and includes everything from the Super Deluxe edition, as well as a bunch of physical items: a loot chest replica, ten character figurines, a Sanctuary 3 ship snap model, four keychains, a "cloth galaxy map", five character art lithographs, and a Steelbook case.

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