Burger King Joins the Faux-Meat Trend With a New 'Impossible' Whopper

Burger King Joins the Faux-Meat Trend With a New 'Impossible' Whopper

Burger King has a plan to bring in new customers and encourage existing ones to buy more often: Vegetarian Whoppers.

The Impossible Whopper, made with a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods rather than Burger King's usual beef patty, is available at about 60 Burger King restaurants in the St. Louis market for a limited time. The brand filmed their reactions, which you can check out in video below. A taste test clip of the Impossible Whopper is featured above. McDonald's, like most major fast-food companies, doesn't offer meat-free burgers in the U.S., though it recently introduced chicken-free vegan nuggets in Norway.

Impossible products are served at almost 6,000 USA restaurants right now, but the Burger King partnership is a "milestone" for the company, said Impossible Foods COO and CFO David Lee.

Burger King will run the video online, with paid media support in St. Louis.

And as Impossible Foods gets deeper into the fast food game, it's possible prices for the popular, plant-based patties could drop.

"People on my team who known the Whopper inside and out, they try it and they struggle to differentiate which one is which" Fernando Machado, Burger King's chief marketing officer told The New York Times. A quarter-pound Impossible patty has just 14 grams of total fat and 240 calories, compared with 23 grams of total fat and 290 calories in a quarter-pound beef patty.

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Yet Burger King does have one advantage as the chain introduces the Impossible Burger: The patty will be based on Impossible's 2.0 formulation, which the company announced this year, according to CNET.

Burger King isn't the first fast food chain to offer a vegetarian burger.

"What [customers] don't want to give up on is flavor", Finazzo said.

This concept is not new. White Castle sells an Impossible Slider at its 370-plus locations. Heme is most prominent in animal muscle, but Impossible derives it from plants. Since then, we've been testing new recipes every day.

Should Burger King make a success of the Impossible Whopper, the billion-dollar question is: What will McDonald's do in response? It already offers veggie patties made by Kellogg's MorningStar Farms.