Ethiopian Airlines crash report reveals what pilots did before accident

Ethiopian Airlines crash report reveals what pilots did before accident

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Thursday apologized for the 346 lives lost in crashes of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia while acknowledging the role of the company's flight-control system in the two accidents.

Meanwhile, previously reported that one Nigerian and at least 32 Kenyans were among the victims of the ill-fated Sunday, March 10, Boeing 737-800 MAX plane crash belonging to Ethiopian Airline.

He acknowledged that the MCAS could cause pilots to lose control of an aircraft in response to erroneous data from the plane's external sensors.

Boeing initially said it planned to submit fixes for its stall-prevention system to the FAA for review last week.

On Thursday, Ethiopia's Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) released its preliminary report on the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302, which killed all 157 passengers and crew.

MCAS, which was introduced in all Boeing 737 Max jets, pushes a plane's nose downward if data indicates that the aircraft could stall because it is angled upward too steeply. We've communicated with WaPo, who is checking back with their own contacts.

"This update, along with the associated training and additional educational materials that pilots want in the wake of these accidents, will eliminate the possibility of unintended MCAS activation and prevent an MCAS-related accident from ever happening again", Muilenburg said.

Earlier this week, USA regulators demanded further improvements to a proposed MCAS fix before it could be submitted for review and announced a review of the certification of the automated flight control system on the 737 MAX.

Muilenburg also said Thursday that the company was "sorry for the lives lost" in the 737 Max crashes.

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Ministry of Transport spokesman Musie Yehyies said there were no plans to publish the report on Wednesday.

Boeing is temporarily cutting production of its best-selling 737 airliner in the continuing fall-out from crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Separately, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Robert Sumwalt told reporters that USA investigators were given the raw data from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 as soon as it was read in France last month.

Muilenburg, Boeing's CEO, also issued a letter alongside the results of the preliminary report, calling these incidents the "most heart wrenching time in my career".

The Ethiopian Airlines flight was headed to Nairobi on a clear morning on March 10 when so-called angle of attack sensors on either side of the nose of the plane began sending conflicting information to the autopilot system shortly after take-off.

The United States and countries around the world grounded their Boeing 737 Max aircraft after two fatal crashes in a span of five months.

"We are not commenting on an active accident investigation per worldwide protocols", a Boeing spokesman said.

A grand jury convened by US prosecutors last month subpoenaed a former Boeing engineer demanding he provide testimony and documents related to the 737 Max.

While Ms Moges never mentioned MCAS by name during Thursday's news conference despite repeated questions from journalists, her comments suggested that the system was activated during the flight and that the pilots were not able to use Boeing's recommended methods to disable it.