House Democrats seek six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns

House Democrats seek six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns

Yet House Democrats do not believe that is enough, and Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, sent a letter requesting his returns. The chairman of the House Means and Ways Committee and/or the Senate Finance Committee can ask for anyone's tax returns.

"Little is known about the effectiveness of this program. To maintain trust in our democracy, the American people must be assured that their government is operating properly, as laws intend", Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in a statement. This request is about policy, not politics; my preparations were made on my own track and timeline, entirely independent of other activities in Congress and the Administration.

When asked about the Democrat's request, Trump told reporters that he "would not be inclined" to provide his returns to the committee, saying that he can not do so as he is now being audited.

Cohen responded, "Statements that he has said to me is that what he didn't want was to have an entire group of think tanks that are tax experts run through his tax return and start ripping it to pieces and then he'll end up in an audit and he'll ultimately have taxable consequences, penalties and so on".

It is unclear what legal argument Mnuchin could make to refuse the request, as the tax records would be unlikely to be considered protected under "executive privilege" because they do not pertain to Trump's actions during his time in the White House. Trump and his administration are facing allegations that they overrode career intelligence officials' advice not to give a security clearance to the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, in addition to two dozen other people.

"Is that all?" he said when he heard it was for six years of returns. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said at a Ways and Means hearing last month that he would protect the president's privacy if members of Congress tried to request his tax returns.

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Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee, called the request "an abuse of the tax-writing committees' statutory authority".

An IRS spokesman said the agency had no immediate comment on Neal's request.

Also included is Trump's golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

The Treasury secretary also told the panel he had "not discussed with anybody in the White House the issue of his tax returns or a request of his tax returns", and that he had "had no discussions with [Trump's] attorneys".

Neal has been under pressure from some Democrats this year to move quickly on the tax returns request, given that the effort could lead to lengthy court battles.