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Judge Nixes Trump Administration's Low-Cost Association Health Plans for Small Firms

Judge Nixes Trump Administration's Low-Cost Association Health Plans for Small Firms

Aside from the legal issues about the plans, there were concerns that if they became insolvent, as some did in the past, policyholders could be stuck with medical bills. Alexander Bolton and Peter Sullivan are reporting in The Hill that "Senate Republicans are privately rooting against President Trump in his court battle to strike down the Affordable Care Act" because they fear their party will "pay for it at the ballot box". Doing away with insurance for kids who are 26 years of age or younger who are on their parents' plans, doing away with the protections that the ACA has for preexisting conditions. "Every single plan that this White House has ever put forward since Donald Trump was elected, covered pre-existing conditions".

"Mulvaney added that "'Obamacare' is not working", and that "even Democrats admit that".

It is true that especially in the event the lawsuit fails, no conservative health-care plan has a chance of passage through a Democratic House.

Surprised and feeling his oats by the "no collusion" verdict from a Mueller report that only Trump's recently appointed attorney general has read, the president wants to celebrate by burning the Affordable Care Act in a trash fire ritual, leaving millions of Americans without health care insurance.

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According to The Hill, Republican senators said there hadn't been any substantial conversation between the administration and key lawmakers before the Department of Justice filed a brief in federal court supporting a Texas judge's ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and should be invalidated.

The Trump administration earlier this week called for the total repeal of the Affordable Care Act. We are working on trying to bring down the price for prescription drugs. According to a new Urban Institute study, abolishing the ACA without anything to replace it would cause 20 million Americans to lose their health insurance.

The Trump administration's efforts to repeal much of the health care law failed in the Senate in 2017 when the late Senator John McCain gave a thumbs down vote.