Magic Johnson's Lakers Exit Was Embarrassing

Magic Johnson's Lakers Exit Was Embarrassing

Count Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James among those who were stunned by team president Magic Johnson's resignation on Tuesday night.

Before their game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Johnson called for an impromptu press conference and announced that he will be vacating his post.

"I want to be free and not have handcuffs on me", Johnson admitted. I had more fun when I was able to be the big brother.

Walton's future is in jeopardy after he failed to lead the Lakers to the postseason in the first season with LeBron James on the team.

The news came as a surprise, including to Jeanie Buss, controlling owner and president of the Lakers, reports CBSLA Sports Director Jim Hill.

After saying "I'm free" at one point, Johnson added, "I feel like a monkey has been lifted off my back".

"Tomorrow I would have to affect someone's livelihood and their life", he said, without referring to Walton directly. "I want to go back to who I was before taking on this job". Somebody's gonna have to tell my boss.

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His desire to interact with the players in a way where he could express his opinions was also a key factor in his decision.

The Lakers. meanwhile, paid tribute to Johnson in a brief statement. And that's not fun for me. "I don't want to disappoint her".

"I didn't like that", he said.

Johnson's abrupt departure shocked long-time Lakers observers. He talked about the challenge of having to trade players that he likes. They had never missed the playoffs in more than two consecutive seasons before this six-year drought.

Johnson who is a prolific businessman, said he " happier when I wasn't president [of the Lakers]", Johnson said.

Johnson and Pelinka, Kobe Bryant's former agent, didn't know each other before they were paired by Buss, but Johnson said he worked well with Pelinka. "I couldn't face [Buss] to tell her", Johnson continued. "Because I knew I would be crying like a baby in front of her".