Mexican president sees 'at least' 2 percent economic growth in 2019

Mexican president sees 'at least' 2 percent economic growth in 2019

"I again ask Congress to act ASAP to give [the Department of Homeland Security] the authorities we need to protect children from the awful journey, discourage illegal immigration, and secure our border", Nielsen tweeted on Sunday. Trump is seeking more funding for a proposed wall between the United States and Mexico despite congressional opposition.

Anyone crossing the U.S. -Mexico border could end up stuck in longer lines as officers are pulled from the land ports of entry and deployed to help the Border Patrol transport, feed and see to the medical needs of the tens of thousands of people streaming illegally into the U.S. each week.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen thought she had scored a victory last week by signing a deal to strengthen efforts with Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to keep their people at home.

The entire US auto industry would shut down within a week if President Donald Trump goes through with his pledge to close the US-Mexican border, according to a leading expert on the industry.

Trump has been briefed several times since a year ago about the economic consequences of shutting United States ports of entry at the southern border but has continued to contemplate the idea of closing sections or the border in its entirety. "We're going to grow at least by an estimated 2 percent this year. and 3 percent next year", he said.

President Trump: "Massive caravans walking right through Mexico. If the closing of the border extended to vehicles and goods, factories could be immediately shut down as parts fail to arrive".

Red Cross ready to aid Venezuela, warns against politics
The White House will consider such activity as "a direct threat to the worldwide peace and security in the region", Bolton said . Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is facing accusations he is buying support from Russian Federation .

Trump is being privately advised by multiple people inside and outside the White House that closing the border is a bad idea.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued the Trump administration over the policy, claiming it violates USA law.

The US immigration courts have enough workload for them given that there are too many cases for them to handle and some have even been extended to a year's waiting period.

On Monday, Mexican Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero said the Mexican government does not plan to adopt a special plan to restrain caravans of migrants from Central America that travel through the country to the United States. "And our border patrol is overrun", she added. According to a report from the Associated Press, CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters the agency might be forced to ask for "volunteers from other agencies" to assist the overwhelmed CBP agents. Three weeks ago, officials said they had sent 240 migrants back to Mexico since January.

Ms. Nielsen also ordered Customs and Border Protection to speed up its plans to make some migrants wait in Mexico while they demand asylum in the U.S.