Ocasio-Cortez tears into Trump administration over security clearances

Ocasio-Cortez tears into Trump administration over security clearances

Newbold, who's been described by Cummings as a whistleblower, said she and others in her office denied more than two dozen applications for clearances but their recommendations were overturned by supervisors.

That memo detailed how whistleblower Tricia Newbold, a manager in the White House's Personnel Security Office, was concerned that at least 25 individuals who had failed their security clearance evaluations were granted access to the White House anyway due to the direct orders of Trump's personnel.

The House Oversight Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to subpoena Carl Kline, the former director of personnel security at the White House, as part of its investigation into the White House security clearance process. The basis for Cummings's alleged national security concerns also stem from highly questionable circumstances.

The White House whistle-blower at the center of a controversy over security clearances for Trump administration officials grew up in the Aroostook County town of Madawaska and was remembered by a former teacher there for her courage and independence.

"I want it known that this is a systematic. issue", she said. The security clearance vote passed along party lines, while one Republican, Rep. Justin Amash of MI, voted with Democrats on the Census question.

"We've had a lot of insane accusations, like we colluded with Russian Federation".

In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham Monday, Jared Kushner was asked about claims he got a security clearance despite official objections.

The two are reportedly on a first name basis, sharing texts and phone calls, and are said to have stayed up until almost 4am to speak during a personal visit Kushner made to Saudi Arabia in 2017.

US ending aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras over migrants
The decision did take many people on Capitol Hill by surprise, including the Department of Homeland Security. Trump told reporters on Friday, "I've ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras, and to El Salvador".

In a White House "where aggressive leak investigations are conducted in service of President Trump, who has aides sign nondisclosure agreements, Ms. Newbold's account represents the rarest of developments: a damning on-the-record account from a current employee inside its ranks".

Brooke Rollins, a senior staffer at the White House Office of American Innovation, has also played a role in the meetings, a meeting attendee said. "I know that this will not be perceived in favour of my intentions, which is to bring back the integrity of the office".

Democrats have made repeated requests for documents and interviews but say the White House has been stonewalling.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sent a letter to Cummings Monday arguing a subpoena was premature because the department has turned over thousands of documents and he had already testified before the panel on the census issue.

Jordan, however, fired back at the Oversight Committee chairman's apparent hyperbole, saying that Cummings is fundamentally "mischaracterize (ing)" Newbold's testimony.

In his 9-page response memo, Jordan knocked down seven other significant claims that Cummings is using to root his investigation - which Jordan called a "reckless decision".

"There are reasons for not releasing information, but we have an unprecedented situation here in regard to the census", Cummings said.

"Because what you have here are people who literally have the top secrets of the world ... and they have not been properly cleared, but even more unsafe than that ... the recommendations have gone out to say they shouldn't have", the Maryland Democrat told CNN.