Pakistan to release 360 Indian prisoners on 'humanitarian basis'

Pakistan to release 360 Indian prisoners on 'humanitarian basis'

National Conference president Farooq Abdullah Saturday accused the PM Modi-led government of "lying" to the nation on the Balakot air strike and shooting down of a Pakistani F-16 in the aerial dogfight between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). "The two sightings were at places separated by at least 8-10 km and 6-7 km inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir".

"He (Modi) said we shot down their (Pakistani) fighter plane F-16".

In her piece, Ms Seligman rather generously suggests that Wing Commander Vartharam may have locked on his weapons on a PAF F-16 and genuinely believed he'd scored a hit but it was not the case as the United States "count" has now established.

The Indian Air Force on Friday listed out a number of evidence which prove that the jet shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman in February was an F-16 jet of the Pakistan Air Force. They said the Pakistani aircraft was an F-16 and enemy radio transmissions which were monitored showed that it did not return to its base.

Highly placed IAF sources said they have clinching electronic evidence that there were 11 PAF 16s and one of them was shot down.

IAF sources also presented a playout of the AWACS radar display, which showed a MiG-21 icon heading towards an F-16 icon, which subsequently vanished from the display.

Tension has been running high since a suicide auto bombing by Pakistan-based militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary police on Feb 14, but the risk of conflict rose dramatically on Feb 27, when India launched an air strike on what it said was a militant training base.

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She said the U.S. package was designed "to assure that there is a safe passage for Ukrainian vessels through the Kerch Strait ". Turkey, however, remains a problem, Pence said in some of the administration's clearest remarks on the impasse with Ankara.

IAF sources also stated that whenever proximity fuse operates the seeker's head falls to the ground. The F-16 is the only aircraft capable of firing that weapon out of all the aircraft involved in the incident.

Even Pakistan intercepts clearly talked about two aircraft going down with two pilots.

Pakistan had initially maintained that no F-16s were deployed against India.

The Magazine further added that India has once again misled the world through baseless and false claims.

"One of the senior USA defence officials with direct knowledge of the count said that Pakistan invited the United States to physically count its F-16 planes after the incident as part of an end-user agreement signed when the foreign military sale was finalized". The F-16s are manufactured by Lockheed Martin and an end-user agreement requires the buyer country to allow for regular inspections to ensure they are accounted for.

A USA defence department spokesman told Hindustan Times in a statement that they, the department, "weren't aware of any investigation like that", that was said to have been conducted, according to unidentified defence officials cited in the FP report, and referred this reporter to the Department of State.

The aerial clash over Kashmir followed an Indian air strike on what New Delhi said was a terrorist training facility inside Pakistani territory.