Taiwan abuzz with tale of live bees feeding on woman's eye

Taiwan abuzz with tale of live bees feeding on woman's eye

According to CTS, the woman, identified by her family name of He, said she thinks the insects blew into her eye at a relative's grave site when she visited it with her family.

According to Dr Hong Chi Ting of the Fooyin University Hospital, Ms He, 28, was pulling out weeds when the bees flew into her eyes. He managed to pull them out one by one without damaging their bodies, reported The Guardian. She washed her eyes with water but kept experiencing severe pain.

Halictidae, also known as "sweat bees" is found all over the world and are attracted to human perspiration.

It would have been very likely for sweat bees to be around He at the time, Hung told reporters, as they tend to nest near graves and in the mountains.

Here's the kicker - instead of sweat, they were feasting on... the woman's tears!

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Speaking with the BBC, Hong said he suspected a gust of wind must have blown the bees into her eyes, becoming stuck, adding He was "lucky" to not have rubbed her eyes. The film saw its antagonist lynched, slathered in honey, and stung to death - one of the few bee-related deaths in film (we can't forget Wicker Man) and the only one to result in a ghost this angry. Fortunately, the woman recovered 80% of her vision after being hospitalised for five days.

Upon further inspection, four tiny bees were found living under her eyelid.

Craving salt, the bees had been feeding off He's tears, the doctor said at a news conference last week, later describing the odd medical diagnosis as a "world first". "Luckily, she didn't have a high fever and it hadn't affected her central nervous system". "If she did she could have induced the bees to produce venom... she could have gone blind".

Having four bees in your eye sounds revolting, but Dr. Hong said the situation could have been much worse.