CIA Joins Barr in Investigating Origins of Trump Campaign Surveillance

CIA Joins Barr in Investigating Origins of Trump Campaign Surveillance

In addition, Barr is personally working with FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to review intelligence gathering techniques used to investigate Trump's 2016 campaign.

The recently concluded investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and the Kremlin to tip the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

On Monday, it was reported that Barr appointed John Durham, the USA attorney for CT, to investigate the matter.

"I think that people will have confidence in [Durham's probe] because of him, and the fact that he is seen as apolitical [and] nonpartisan", Bream said.

President Donald Trump today said he didn't ask for Barr to do it, but as Matthews said, "There he goes doing just what the president wants, investigating the investigators". The report also drew no conclusion on whether Trump illegally tried to impede the Mueller probe.

Barr provided no details about what "spying" may have taken place but appeared to be alluding to a surveillance warrant the FBI obtained on a former Trump associate, Carter Page, and the FBI's use of an informant while the bureau was investigating former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos. The FBI doesn't spy.

Durham is a career prosecutor who was nominated for his post as USA attorney in ct by Trump.

Barr drew the ire of top Democrats last month when he confirmed that he believed the FBI's surveillance of Page and other campaign officials constituted "spying", though he stopped short of asserting the surveillance activity was not properly predicated.

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Durham has served in the US attorney's office since 1989, holding a number of positions, including acting USA attorney.

Host Bill Hemmer said on "America's Newsroom" that Durham, the current USA attorney in the Constitution State, has been commonly described as a "bulldog of an investigator".

Durham was nominated by Trump in 2017 after serving as a lawyer within the Justice Department since 1982, according to The Times.

The US attorney general is stepping up inquiries into the origins of the Russian Federation investigation, working with intelligence chiefs to see how surveillance was conducted and naming a US attorney to oversee the investigation.

Earlier in the week, as promised, Attorney General Bill Barr assigned a United States attorney to oversee the events and tactics that set into motion the lengthy and politically-explosive federal probe that was eventually inherited and concluded by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Durham is a career prosecutor who was nominated for his post as US attorney in CT by Trump.

Barbara McQuade, also a former US attorney for the Eastern District of MI, said Durham's investigation of FBI corruption in the Whitey Bulger case earned him a "very good reputation", that may have appealed to Barr.