Deadly escalation as Israel retaliates over Gaza rockets

Deadly escalation as Israel retaliates over Gaza rockets

The deal, reportedly brokered by Egypt and the European Union, was also confirmed by a second Reuters source, as well as a TV station belonging to Hamas.

Trump's tweet comes after a violent - and deadly - weekend between Israel's defense forces and Gaza militants. This barrage has come from civilian areas in Gaza and is aimed at civilian centers in Israel, demonstrating once again a cynical readiness to risk the lives and futures of the people of Gaza as well as those of the Israeli people.

"The moment that tunnel crossed into Israel we took the opportunity to strike and dismantle that tunnel, sending a clear message to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and to other terrorists in Gaza that we are aware of their activities and we have the ability to locate and destroy these offensive terrorist infrastructures", said Conricus.

In the Sheikh Zayed neighborhood, residents were in shock a day after an Israeli airstrike killed six people and destroyed four apartments.

Schools across the south of Israel were cancelled and are expected to remain closed over the next few days. Many think Memorial Day, Independence Day and the upcoming global song contest in Tel Aviv, Eurovision, put the brakes on Israel's response.

In recent months, the cash has not arrived, Hamas has fallen under increasing pressure ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time of traditional fasting and feasting.

It's been less than a month since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected, and he seems to have tossed out what only past year had pushed his government into crisis, leading to the resignation of Avigdor Lieberman.

Former military chief Benny Gantz, who challenged Mr Netanyahu in Israel's April 9 general elections, called it "another capitulation to blackmail by Hamas and terrorist organisations".

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On the other hand, there are reports that China and India may set up a buyers' bloc as the two leading global importers of oil. The benefits of rupee trading and free shipping gives Tehran an upper hand over Gulf neighbours Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In all, Gaza's terror groups fired some 690 projectiles at Israel during the two days of fighting.

The Palestinian dead included a commander for Hamas's armed wing who Israel said it targeted due to his role in transferring money from Iran to militant groups in Gaza.

Reports have suggested that Hamas and Islamic Jihad made a decision to step up rocket attacks in response to the lethargic progress in negotiations with Israel that would see a greater easing of the blockade. It said it shelled or carried out air strikes on some 320 militant sites.

He suggested that Israel "seek to establish a long spell of quiet (say five to 10 years) along the Gaza front by inflicting massive damage and intolerable pain on Hamas while seeking to detach it from the long-suffering Palestinian population, on the one hand, and refrain from any concessions that will transform the far more strategically important West Bank into a similarly formidable terror entity, on the other".

The Turkish news agency Anadolu said its Gaza office was struck. It first identified the woman as the baby's mother, but the family clarified on Sunday that she was the aunt. "Their unfortunate death was not a result of (Israeli) weaponry but a Hamas rocket that was sacked and exploded not where it was supposed to", he said.

Palestinian health officials in Gaza said 25 people died as Israel responded with airstrikes that brought buildings in the densely populated strip tumbling down. Israel's army had no comment.

At his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday morning, Netanyahu said "Hamas bears the responsibility not only for its own attacks and actions but also for the actions of Islamic Jihad, and it is paying a very heavy price for this".