Eurovision: What is it, and why it’s being held in Israel

Eurovision: What is it, and why it’s being held in Israel

Palestinian terror groups score propaganda victories regardless of where their rockets land: if they land in Israel, the terror groups can claim victory; if they land in Gaza, the terror groups can blame Israel - and the media will dutifully comply.

Nakhaleh said PIJ coordinated with the Hamas terror group to spark last week's violence. "Myself and Yahya Sinwar chose to continue the escalation", he said, referring to Hamas's Gaza chief.

Both Sinwar and al-Nakhala maintain close ties with Iran while Sinwar was responsible for the reconciliation between Hamas and Iran after the Gazan-based terror group initially backed Sunni Islamist rebels in Syria in their attempt to overthrow the Iranian-backed regime of Bashar al-Assad.

CNN has an article on their website with a headline, "250 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel; 1-year-old child among those killed in retaliatory airstrikes", which was published Saturday.

The escalation began last Friday when four Palestinians were killed by Israeli military strikes on Hamas-affiliated positions in Gaza.

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In the 2014 Gaza war, for example, a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad landed on a Palestinian kindergarten.

The conflict ended after Palestinian leaders said they reached a ceasefire agreement with Israel. For Hamas, releasing information through the Gaza Health Ministry has consistently proven to be a highly useful tool for promulgating propaganda against Israel.

Israel is on high alert as the nation is just days away from hosting Eurovision, a European song contest that is expected to attract thousands of tourists and millions of viewers.

The Israeli military vehemently denied involvement with the deaths of the pregnant woman and the baby, explaining that their sources reveal that the woman and baby died as a result of being inside of a Palestinian home that exploded from a misfired Islamic Jihad terrorist rocket that was being launched from that home at the time of the explosion.