Facebook Dating available in 14 more countries; new feature also added

Facebook Dating available in 14 more countries; new feature also added

The Dating feature will match users with others based on the things they have in common, such as preferences, interests and even how you use Facebook.

Facebook's F8 conference is now underway, which means that Mark Zuckerberg's company will attempt to rebrand itself as new and improved following its absolute shitshow of a year in 2018.

Only suggested matches - none of whom will be from the user's Facebook friends list or blocked list - are able to view each other's profiles, Facebook said. With Secret Crush, you can select up to 9 of your Facebook friends who you want to express interest in.

Facebook has announced that it will now be telling your "Secret Crush" that would like to date them when you are afraid to ask them out yourself. The good news is, you have to opt in if you want to participate, so you won't be bombarded with a bunch of random dating requests if you don't want them. Would you be willing to give Facebook Dating a try? "On Facebook Dating, you can opt in to discover potential matches within your own Facebook communities: events, groups, friends of friends and more.", announced Facebook in a blog post.

Alphabet's Q1 earnings get a bearish response from Stifel
Q1 EPS (GAAP): $US9.50 (including a $US1.7 billion European Union fine), compared with $US10.10 expected by analysts. However, Alphabet earned $11.50 a share before a $1.7 billion fine by European regulators charged to the quarter.

Maybe not as fast as many would have wanted, the truth is that Facebook Dating is gradually spreading to new regions.

Facebook's shift comes response to criticism over failing to curb misinformation and manipulation of the platform used by 2.3 billion people, and missteps on its handling of private user data.

"Location services must be turned on at the point of sign-up to ensure a "safe experience" for users, so Facebook knows "[users] are where they say they are". You can also block and report users with the same tools available on the social network.

Social media giant Facebook is all set to add a new "secret crushes" feature which will enable users to find out if any of their friends on Facebook are romantically interested in them. If a user with a Secret Crush happens to reciprocate, each will get a notification. For those seeking jobs, you will be able to message the employer and apply through the app. Gaming groups will get a chat feature so members can create threads about specific topics within a group.