Florida Woman Pulled Live Gator From Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop

Florida Woman Pulled Live Gator From Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop

When they asked Machan-Le Quire if she had anything else on her, she reportedly pulled a foot long live alligator from her yoga trousers. A 22-year-old man was driving and confessed to the deputies that he and his companion were coming from the underpass of Oil Well Road trying to collect frogs and snakes.

The deputies then got permission to search the bags Clemons and Machan-Le Quire had in the truck to make sure they hadn't collected any wildlife they weren't supposed to.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office deputies stopped the vehicle at around 3 a.m. after it blew through a stop sign, WBBH reported.

The department says the woman removed the gator when the deputy asked her the standard question of "Do you have anything else?"

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Clemons consented and all of his bags had clothes and other personal items, the deputy said. She also had 41 3-stripe turtles in the vehicle.

Le Quire was then asked if there was anything else that the deputies should know about. The woman opened a backpack at her feet to reveal 43 small turtles, police said. The deputy did not include any details about his reaction to the shelter options for the alligator in the report.

Police said the matter had been handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. While the couple was cited for having the reptiles, the creatures were subsequently released, reports NBC2 News.