Fortnite Season 9 Patch Notes and Details Revealed

Fortnite Season 9 Patch Notes and Details Revealed

The other major addition for Season 9 are Slipstreams, which are tunnels of wind that "passively carry players down the stream", giving players another method of travelling around the map.

You can check out the full patch of Fortnite Season 9 here.

The problem being reported by some players has to do with the Blackheart and Hybrid skins, which were available through the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Mega Mall is Retail Row's replacement and as the name suggests is just a very large mall complex. The Pressure Plant has since supplanted the volcano from Season 8.

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On top of this, new "Fortbytes" have been added to the Battle Pass, which are 100 computer chips around the island - 18 to begin with, and a new one added every day of the season.

Neo Tilted has arisen in place of Tilted Towers. When does season 9 end? The weapon has been replaced by the Combat Shotgun, which can be found in blue, purple and gold rarities. Players get to see a cinematic overview of what this ninth season will be. Tilted Towers have become Neo Tilted ones and they are more exciting. If we talk about the updated Retail Row I.e. Mega Mall, it's a giant structure with colourful things and holographic storefronts. You can use the Slipstream generators to traverse up and down the platforms and there are seven of them in total. In this game mode, you can play with three player squad. As the introduction trailer illustrates, a "time-lapse" has occurred, in which two Fortnite characters take shelter in a bunker to escape the volcanic eruption and are later discovered by "futuristic" inhabitants of a new and improved Tilted Towers.

In Season 9, Fortnite has upgraded floating air bases. You have to work hard to get out from it once you jumped on to it to fly.

Fortbyte's are now live in Fortnite Season 9 and one of the most tricky to collect is Fortbyte 36, which is hidden in the Battle Royale map and only accessible by Sentinel on "a frozen island". They look pretty decent and will offer more advantages to the players to play the game and lead towards conquering the gameplay.