Germany's Merkel Admits Daesh not Defeated as Alleged Baghdadi Video Emerges

Germany's Merkel Admits Daesh not Defeated as Alleged Baghdadi Video Emerges

He appears with a bushy grey and red beard, wearing a black robe with a beige vest and is seated on the floor with what appears to be a machine gun propped up next to him. His face was uncovered, but faces of other three IS members are covered.

A date on the video said it had been recorded in April. "Analysts will review this recording and we will defer to the intelligence community to confirm its authenticity".

While it can not be confirmed when the video was shot or when newer audio bits were added later, it has captured eyeballs around the globe as it is supposedly the first video appearance of the Islamic State leader in the last five years since he declared the rise of his self-declared Islamic Caliphate, in a televised sermon in July 2014 at Al Nuri mosque in Mosul. He says it has pleased the hearts of Muslims and that it was "part of a revenge which awaits the crusaders and their followers".

In a reference to the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka, al-Baghdadi said the Sri Lanka attacks were carried out in retaliation for the loss of Baghouz.

The video and Baghdadi's reemergence is a "way for him to say that even without the land, the message of the Islamic State lives on", Ali Soufan, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and terrorism expert, told INSIDER.

Vincent told INSIDER that with this video Baghdadi is "purposely running the risk" that the clip could provide intelligence that might lead to his capture because he wants to send a message to the world that he's still "very much alive and viable".

"ISIS's territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria was a crushing strategic and psychological blow as ISIS saw its so-called caliphate crumble, its leaders killed or flee the battlefield, and its savagery exposed", he said.

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Baghouz was the Islamic State's last stand in Syria. He noted that he had accepted oaths of allegiance from jihadists in Burkina Faso and Mali.

She further said, "In the video, titled "In the Hospitality of the Emir of the Believers", Baghdadi praises SriLanka attackers over images of the attackers/attack (though not in the visual interview section; the audio may have thus been added via a later recording)-calling it revenge for Baghouz".

Baghdadi acknowledges the fall of the last IS-held territory in Baghuz, Syria and also talks about the Easter Sunday terror attack in Sri Lanka that killed more than 250 people.

Born Ibrahim Awad al-Badri in 1971, Baghdadi came from modest beginnings in Samarra, north of Baghdad, and chose to study religion.

Despite numerous claims about his death in the past few years, al-Baghdadi's whereabouts remain a mystery. It appears that even after the drastic shrinkage of territory under IS control, the top jihadi continues to operate from his secret location.

Some former counterterror officials caution the release of the new video is potentially worrisome, as it could serve to lift the spirits of IS supporters.