Google enabling auto-delete of search and location history

Google enabling auto-delete of search and location history

Using this tool, you can easily set a time limit between 3 to 18 months and the data which will be older than this limit will be automatically deleted from the user's account. This will be done using the newly added feature called "Auto-Delete" that lets you delete Location History and App and Web activity data.

The new tools are being rolled out to all Google accounts and will start with Location History and activity data such as what you've searched for, videos you've watched on YouTube and other other Google-related activity. Google says the new feature will be available in the coming weeks under the activity controls page.

In an official blog post, Google has revealed that users can specify how long they want their location and activity data to be saved.

Like prior privacy controls, the autodelete function can be enabled in your Google Account.

GOOGLE HAS announced features created to address some of the criticism it has received over its massive cache of user data. (Image, Courtesy) Any data older than that will then automatically be deleted on an ongoing basis.

Now, in a bid to offer more control over personal data, it will offer the option of automatic deletion after three or 18 months.

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There has been a growing concern over users' privacy online, especially since the recent issues involving tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

Google is trying to give its users greater control over user data and allows them to manage it in the way that suits them. Of course, the option to manually delete their data remains.

At any rate, it's good to see companies putting in the effort to make managing data and such a whole lot easier for users.

The new feature has started rolling out and will be available for Google users around the world in the coming weeks. Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are entrusted to respect our data and privacy, and inevitably drop the ball on occasion.

The information Google collects helps fuel its massive advertising business. There are also controls to delete all or part of that data manually.