Here's Why Uber Drivers Around The World Are Going On Strike Today

Here's Why Uber Drivers Around The World Are Going On Strike Today

Drivers for ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft turned off their apps Wednesday to protest what they say are declining wages at a time when both companies are raking in billions of dollars from investors.

"The companies may offer to increase drivers' pay on a one-time bonus basis or in small increments, but remember, although Uber is a tech unicorn, it is still deep in red, losing over $1 billion in 2018", Beebe said.

Last month, Uber filed for what could be one of the largest tech IPOs ever.

"First Uber cut the rates, then they put too many cars on the roads so there weren't enough fares to go around".

The protests took place in London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow as well as 10 United States cities, including Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, and in other countries.

The driver even opened up his Lyft app to see if prices were surging, but told The Post that it seemed to be an ordinary morning.

Today in New York's Lauren Scala also reports on Amazon Go coming to NY and a suit against Conagra foods. "This is money that will be taken from drivers and given to shareholders", he said. The London employment tribunal ruled in 2016 that Uber was in fact an employer that must give drivers minimum wages and paid leave, and denied the company's appeal in December.

"Whether it's being able to track your earnings or stronger insurance protections, we'll continue working to improve the experience for and with drivers", the company said.

"Uber and Lyft are unlikely to increase drivers' minimum wage to $28 simply because of the May 8 strike", Beebe said. Support striking drivers who are demanding job security and livable incomes!

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Drive United said the action was in solidarity with protests in the USA and other areas of the world where drivers struggle with the independent contractor model. Like numerous group's 4m drivers, who are treated as self-employed contractors, he believes the float will. Meanwhile, they've said their pay keeps going down as their costs go up.

Many drivers work part time for the services and often divide their time between platforms, delivering food and goods as well as giving rides. Lyft said its hourly wages have risen over the last two years and on average are over $20 per hour.

In the "risk factors" section of its filing, Uber identifies lower driver pay as a possible liability.

Waymo's corporate parent, Alphabet Inc., is in line to be among the biggest winners in Uber's IPO just as it was in the Lyft IPO.

"But the prospectus renewed questions about how sustainable Uber's business actually is". She listed the drivers' demands: $17 per hour after expenses, along with a bill of rights including more transparency around driver deactivations and an elected driver representative on each company's board of directors.

The drivers' demands are simple - as Vox reports, they are calling for a better rate of pay, to be let into the process that the app uses to calculate fares, to be granted both health and disability insurance, and to have an important stake in how the company shapes and redevelops its future.

Uber's estimated $90 billion stock market debut later this week is about to make a lot of investors rich - but not its drivers.

Lyft, which has almost 40% of the USA ride-sharing market, said increased demand helped push revenue to $776 million in the quarter, 95% above its $397.2 million a year earlier, and up 16% from its fourth quarter.