Theresa May to bring Brexit withdrawal bill before Parliament in early June

Theresa May to bring Brexit withdrawal bill before Parliament in early June

Speaking in Pontefract, part of Labour MP Yvette Cooper's constituency, Mr Farage said: "A confirmatory vote, it sounds all nice and fluffy, what does it mean?"

Asked if he wanted to become prime minister, Farage shrugged, "No, not particularly".

The elections - beyond their impact on the functioning of the European Union and its legislature - are already having significant impact domestically, and the likely poor performance of the Conservative Party is adding pressure on May to step down.

The Brexit Party now leads the polls for the European elections with 34 per cent of the YouGov vote.

"We said it was a shame that we weren't able to create some kind of alliance, but I am confident we're going to do really well in these elections", she said.

It is on for a predicted 34 per cent of the vote on May 23 - but Theresa May's Conservatives are heading for just 10 per cent, a new YouGov survey has found.

Brexit uncertainty has damaged small businesses after almost three years of negotiations and equivocation, according to research by small business insurer Simply Business.

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The Brexit Party is a single-issue Eurosceptic political party in the UK. Labour and the Tories are polling just 26% combined.

He went on to say he would be prepared to "do a deal with the devil" for a Brexit which would see the United Kingdom leave the Customs Union, the single market, and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. They have literally denied our existence from day one, and when we get on to a major interview they don't want to talk about this campaign, they don't want to talk about our candidates, they don't want to challenge Brexit and the way in which we want to do it.

This will come after what look like being tough European elections and, by the way, during the week of President Trump's official visit to the UK. The country was due to leave the bloc on March 29, but now has a new departure date of October 31, although that date could be pushed back, too.

With just over a week to go until Britain votes in the European Union elections, Mr Farage said it was a chance for something "really special" to happen.

Responding to that comment, Mr Blunt said: 'Nigel Farage said he would do a deal with the devil to get Brexit over the line; the Conservative party is very far from being the devil in this.

"What she (May) is working to do is to get a deal passed as soon as possible", he said.

Labour have called for a permanent and comprehensive customs union with the EU after Brexit, meaning there would be no internal tariffs (taxes) on goods sold between the United Kingdom and the rest of the bloc.