UK's main parties suffer local elections setback over Brexit

UK's main parties suffer local elections setback over Brexit

All the results from the Torridge count LIVE The Conservatives lost seven seats, with some long-standing Conservative councillors ousted by fresh-faced independents.

Ukip gained one seat and independent candidates took three.

As more than 1,200 Conservative councillors lost their seats, she simply had to be in Aberdeen, talking up the Scottish Conservatives.

Mr Gowrley's defeat was not expected - although Mr Scarff is a regular council candidate who has come close to winning seats before.

"There is a deal that could be done in the next few days. and I really hope we can get to that point", she said, describing the results as "a kick up the backside".

At the end of the night, Coun Porter said: "When we first started off on the campaign, we were looking at what the potential losses could have been". "One of the remarkable things about Brexit and about our current politics is that both our major parties are divided". "My job will be to give them advice about the options and explain what they can and can't do.
"Normally the leader of the council is elected at the annual meeting and the leader decides who sits on the executive board so the parties will need to decide who, what and how.
"In order for a majority to be exercised there needs to get to 23 as there are 44 councillors so it's all about what combination gets to that".

Asked what they key to victory was, the leader said: "I think it was our attitude towards Brexit".

I negotiated with the European Union what I believe is a very good deal for the United Kingdom - a deal which allows us to genuinely take back control of our money and our laws.

The Times's front page said May will be told by senior Conservatives that next week she must set a date for her own departure.

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But Labour strongly opposed the plan, which has now been indefinitely shelved.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said voters" message "seems to be "a plague on both your houses' to the Conservatives and the Labour Party, who they see as a block on finding some sort of resolution to Brexit".

"When Westminster coughs local councillors catch a cold, and that's clearly been seen today".

It was the Greens' day at Lewes as they picked up an extra six seats, with the Conservatives continuing to be the largest party with no majority.

Meanwhile, former Brexit secretary David Davis said he will not run to replace Mrs May as Prime Minister and declared his support for Dominic Raab in the upcoming contest for Conservative leader.

The Lib Dems accused Labour of "arrogance" in failing to take account of residents' views over issues including widespread housing development and the controversy over Penny Pie Park, the urban green space which is to be given over to a new ring road to ease traffic congestion at what is now the Dodworth Road crossroads.

A tired looking council leader Kevin Beaty (Con, Skelton) expressed his own delight at winning in Skelton, while admitting to disappointment that his party will need to negotiate with other groups to secure a power sharing arrangement.

Instead, two pro-EU parties profited: the centrist, Liberal Democrats were up 676 and the left-wing Greens added 185.