Ortiz had 2nd surgery after getting to Boston

Ortiz had 2nd surgery after getting to Boston

One suspect, 25-year-old Eddy Feliz Garcia, entered police custody after a crowd beat and injured him following the shooting.

David Ortiz's media assistant, Leo Lopez, told ESPN that Ortiz was in surgery until about 1 a.m. on June 11 and is recovering in intensive care.

Ortiz underwent a second exploratory surgery Monday night at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where he will stay for the next several days to recover.

Martinez played a major role in the Red Sox signing Ortiz before the 2003 season.

Ortiz, 43, was shot in his native Dominican Republic on Sunday night in an apparent assassination attempt. He was named World Series MVP in 2013, when he helped the Red Sox defeat the St. Louis Cardinals. Doctors removed parts of his intestines and liver and his entire gallbladder.

A second suspect has been arrested in the shooting of Red Sox icon David Ortiz, according to authorities in the Dominican Republic.

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Two other people were injured during the ambush, including television presenter Jhoel López; police said they were investigating whether Ortiz was the intended target. "That collaboration with Dominican journalists, and well as Enrique's close relationship with David's father, Leo Ortiz, has been essential to our reporting".

The report criticized the legal system's failings in practice, however, saying they included torture by police, roundups, arbitrary detention, lengthy pretrial detentions, and harsh and life-threatening prison conditions.

Dozens of fans crowded the hospital in Santo Domingo where he was being treated, causing a traffic jam.

The shooting unfolded Sunday night at the Dial Bar and Lounge, a nightclub in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. He led the Red Sox to three World Series championships, was a 10-time All-Star, and hit 541 home runs. "And I know he's in great hands".

Ortiz retired from baseball following the 2016 season.