Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's wedding pictures leaked

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's wedding pictures leaked

Thousands of people gathered along the Mall in London to watch the spectacle, which featured more than 200 horses, 400 musicians and 1,400 officers.

The event is an official celebration of the Queen's birthday. Aside from a brief showing of the baby to the press, she has spent the last month on maternity leave in private.

This nod to Prince Harry comes four years after Prince George wore the same blue outfit his father Prince William had worn at Trooping the Colour in 1984.

And there were plenty of royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony, so much so that there was hardly space for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were amongst the last to emerge.

Following the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017, the Palace confirmed the former actress had spent time on many occasions with her then future sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, and Kate's two eldest children, George and Charlotte, ahead of her wedding.

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Prince Harry is thought to have purchased the ring to mark the birth of son Archie.

Many suggested there must have been a reason behind why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were "stowed away in the corner" of the shots, and they may be right. In old photos, Harry is being held by Princess Anne and is seen wearing a white shirt with blue stitching and matching blue shorts, just like the ones Louis wore. Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were all in attendance.

Meghan hasn't been seen in public since Archie was born on May 6 and has been focusing on bonding with her bundle of joy in Windsor's Frogmore Cottage.

The smiling one-year-old toddler looked adorable as he peeked through the window at Buckingham Palace with his older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and waved at the crowds on the balcony.

But for royal fans concerned about the Tindalls snubbing the Queen, it turns out the monarch is not likely to be too bothered. On her actual birthday, the Queen celebrates with immediate family.