Trump says deal possible with Mexico in migration row

Trump says deal possible with Mexico in migration row

Mnuchin, who said he participated in a call with Trump just before the deal was announced, said the president would retain the right to impose tariffs if Mexico did not keep its commitments.

Mexico "has agreed to strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border", Trump wrote.

Mexican and USA officials reportedly met for about 12 hours Friday to reach the agreement, which calls for Mexico to break up trafficking networks and commit to policing its border more strictly.

As Air Force One crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the president raised hopes for a deal with the Mexican government that would stave off tariffs on goods coming from America's southern neighbor, starting at 5 percent and escalating on the first of each month to a high of 25 percent on October 1.

As Washington and Mexico City both took victory laps Saturday over a deal that headed off threatened tariffs on Mexican imports, it remained to be seen how effective it may be, and migration experts raised concerns about what it could mean for people fleeing poverty and violence in Central America.

Pompeo is praising Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard after three days of negotiations. Trump said on Thursday he would decide later this month whether to carry out his threat to hit Beijing with tariffs on at least $300 billion in Chinese goods.

Earlier this week Ebrard said that was a request Mexico could not accept.

Mexico also agrees to accept more migrants seeking asylum in the US, according to the deal.

Trump ran in 2016 pledging to crack down on illegal immigration, but instead has watched as the number of border crossings has spiked to its highest level in over a decade - with U.S. Border Patrol apprehending more than 132,000 people in May, including a record 84,542 adults and children traveling together.

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Global markets have been roiled by the Trump administration's aggressive use of tariffs, fanning concern about the stability of multilateral institutions that grew up after the second world war.

Trump used social media to say he was "pleased to inform you" about the deal with Mexico and said the threatened tariffs "are hereby indefinitely suspended".

Americans bought 378 billion U.S. dollars (£297 billion) worth of Mexican imports a year ago, led by cars and auto parts.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also praised the deal, thanking "all Mexicans who made it possible to avoid the imposition of tariffs on Mexico products exported to the United States".

Turning to Nr Trump's clashes with the WTO, Mr Lamy said it was still not clear whether the United States president was more interested in reforming the organisation, or neutralizing it.

The agreement comes as a result of the US' pressure campaign on Mexico, including economic threats.

Trump tweeted Friday night that he would hold off on a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports set to take effect Monday.

Republicans in Congress warned the White House that they were ready to stand up to the president to try to block his tariffs, which they anxious would raise costs to U.S. consumers, harm the economy and imperil a major pending U.S. -Mexico-Canada trade deal.

"Reports in the evening indicated that Mexico's negotiators with Washington have offered to immediately deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to the border with Guatemala".