About Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading the content I have uploaded so far. My name is Samuel James, and I have been writing for over two decades. I reside in Australia with my fiancé. I’m currently 25 as of the writing of this section, so I’m not that old yet, so if you’re expecting a more senior writer, you’ve got it all wrong.


I have been mostly writing about technology, as I’m fascinated by how fast everything is evolving, improving and helping us with our daily tasks. I have written with many publishers so far, but I’ve decided to create my blog to have my voice heard. Here, you’ll read everything without too much editing, meaning that you’ll have a full grasp of how I honestly think.


I will cover the latest events in the tech world, articulating my thoughts and opinions about big corporations and companies. Trends are significant to track as it affects different aspects of our lives. For people into crypto currencies and NFTS, for instance, this news and events mean a lot as it could be a good indication of their next moves. That said, I’ll do my best to provide only the fresh and relevant news I can get over the internet.


Since this is a personal blog, all of my contents will be mixed, depending on what I feel writing about, but I’ll mostly lean in towards technology as it is the most comfortable.


Aside from tech, I’m also a big travel junkie. I have been to different countries with my fiancé, and together, we have created multiple albums documenting our adventures. Travelling is fun, and I’m looking forward to sharing everything I know with you.


I might do some guides on the things you should be doing when travelling, and depending on the reception, I might do it a lot more often.


That said, I want my blog to be a laidback experience. While we will have some serious content and tones, I want all of my audience to be involved with discussions and also pitch ideas when relating to certain latest news and events.


Any feedback and suggestions are also welcome; I’m not a perfect writer, and I would be so grateful for any hell I could get.


Regardless of your interests, I hope my blog will be an extensive use to you. Do me a favour and bookmark this one; you’ll never know; you might miss some of my scheduled posts.