Bring Back Those Sparkling Smiles With Dental Veneers

There are plenty of reasons why many people are shy, timid, and selfish to give their smile. These reasons include discoloured, chipped, or crooked teeth, making a person nervous and self-conscious about smiling. But with the advent of modern dentistry, many people have discovered that the use of dental veneers is an effective and excellent way to wear those radiant and sparkling smiles again. Basically, veneers are a special coating that is commonly applied to the tooth’s visible part. This procedure is easily done and completed with just some visits to the dental clinic.

You might want to ask, how do dental veneers work? A dentist often works with two primary types of veneers: composite and ceramic. The ceramic type of veneer is also known as laminate and is commonly made of dental porcelain. Ceramic veneers are applied to the tooth and they tend to feel and appear natural. On your first visit to the clinic, the dentist will have to carefully see your tooth that requires restoration. Once the impression has been made and processed in the dental laboratory, it will be assessed properly to make sure that the veneers to be applied perfectly fit with the other teeth. Once the fitting is finalised, the emergency dentist will then apply the veneer with the aid of dental cement.

On the other hand, a composite veneer is commonly made from a special resin that allows the dentist to colour and shape it according to the needs and requirements of a particular patient. With a composite veneer, the dentist can match and apply it easily, allowing a patient to visit the clinic just once and get out of it with a renewed smile. However, there are some important factors that also need to be considered when planning to make use of dental veneers:

  • Patient’s gums and teeth must be healthy. A tooth that’s decaying or with a periodontal issue hinders the veneer from properly adhering.
  • Does the patient clench or grind his teeth? Even when veneers are strong and sturdy under normal circumstances, they aren’t as strong and sturdy as natural or real tooth enamel. Clenching and grinding repetitively can break or chip the veneers.

If you have been using teeth-whitening solutions for a long time now and they prove to be ineffective, it’s now high time to consult or see your local Rouse Hill dentist. You’ll be surprised to know that bringing back your sparkling smile is quick and easy with veneers.

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