Pointers to Help You Pick the Right Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Jewelry pieces often come in many different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles. Based on the name itself, a pear shaped diamond ring is practically shaped like a pear. It has a graceful look along with its tapered outline, making it a flattering and elegant choice for an engagement ring. However, being new and unfamiliar with the varying types of diamond-studded rings out there, finding the right one can be downright confusing and difficult.

Acquainting yourself with the anatomy of a pear shaped diamond ring is basically one of the most important things that you need to do to make your search simpler and easier. And as far as anatomy is concerned, this special type of diamond ring is touted by jewelers as something “fancy-shaped” instead of “round-shaped.” It can be seen like a teardrop and makes a perfect blend of marquise and round diamond shapes.

Pear-looking diamond rings have certain parts that actually contribute to its overall aesthetic and beauty. In this regard, familiarising yourself with these parts is a vital thing to remember especially when you are on your way to shop for one. And when you are already familiar with these parts, you can now go shopping with a discerning and scrutinising eye.

Similar to a round and brilliant diamond ring, a pear-looking diamond ring is faceted to emit the most brilliance and sparkle. The following are the important parts of a pear-shaped diamond ring:

  • Culet. This is a tiny facet found at the bottom of the gem that helps in protecting the fragile tip against abrasion and chipping.
  • Crown. The topmost part of the gem is situated just above the girdle.
  • Girdle. A narrow and small band that serves as something to circumscribe the plane’s edge, separating the pavilion and the crown.
  • Pavilion. The part of a pear shaped diamond ring that’s found below the girdle. The pavilion facets have the responsibility in reflecting light directly toward the crown.
  • Table. This particular part is known as a huge facet found at the middle portion of the crown.

Technically, a pear-looking diamond ring has the attribute of holding more colour compared to brilliant and round diamond-studded rings. Thus, it is highly advised that whenever you go out to shop for certain types of diamond rings design, opting for the one that has a high score on the GIA colour scale is an important thing that you should always remember.

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