Slack Integrates Video Chat to Huddles as Part of their Upgrade Process

At the Frontiers Conference, Slack revealed that they would be updating the software’s huddles feature. They will have a ton of changes, such as including a video-chat feature, screen sharing for multiple users, and also chat threads exclusive for each huddles.


The Frontiers Conference was an excellent opportunity for Slack to show off what they have in store. The huddles feature a big deal in establishing the future of work.


Huddles is a feature that was added to slack way back in 2021, but it has its limitations, and a lot of users also complained about the lack of features. Slack themselves crafted the Huddles because they hate long meetings. Huddles are comparable to Discord’s integrated server voice chat feature, and anyone can quickly point out that they borrowed a lot from them.


Slack described huddles as the direct opposite of having meetings and compared it to someone going to someone’s cubicle or desk. It’s easy to use, get in and get out once you’re done with your intentions. Users that still need to discuss something can stay in the huddles for an indefinite amount of time.


Slack’s huddles are never intrusive, unlike work-related meetings and voice chats. It’s like an open workspace that anyone can use to listen to some tunes or discuss critical projects. Huddles removed the anxiety that video chat brings to some workers. Still, having the option of video-chatting someone and screen sharing is very much appreciated.


Slack pulled some statistics and said that the average huddles session would only last 10-15 minutes, compared to a 30-minute meeting that is not only stressful but also time-consuming.


Even if Slack added the feature to use your camera for a video-chat session, huddles would automatically use audio-only in response to some people being nervous or shy around the camera. Giving them enough breathing room and time to prepare is very important and is one of many formulas to a successful Slack project meeting.


While it is almost counter to add video chat to huddles, Slack reassured us that it is something that they have been planning on counting from the very start. Huddles are destined to have video chat, but they need time to test and configure the feature to work smoothly.


Back then, Slack was cautious regarding their huddles because they wanted the feature to become a stress-free zone. Since it has already been a year, however, they figured out that it’s time to spice things up, and what’s better and commendable about this is that video chat isn’t added as the default.


One of the best features I like is the simultaneous screen sharing, which is very useful in the hands of busy teams. While I won’t reach the point of using it, I’m sure it is something that I’ll recommend to many people.


Lastly, as aforementioned, huddles will have a dedicated chat thread, which is very handy when taking notes, especially if the meeting is at a breakneck pace. It allows for a flawless workflow and something that will benefit the business that has been using Slack for the long term.

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