Surprising Reasons Why Shower Bases Don’t Last

Australians are spending more time in the shower since the pandemic. There’s a heightened awareness on hygiene but also an increase in shower base crack repairs. What’s stirring up this kind of household problem? The answer may surprise you. According to an article from The Latch, Australians are using shower time to hide from family members during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As household members spend more time indoors, alone time has become more limited. The research commissioned by Sydney Water shared that Sydney citizens spent an average of nine minutes in the shower during the pandemic. It used to be seven minutes before the pandemic, while four minutes is the recommended shower time to conserve water.

This change in showering habits can accelerate damage and deterioration to shower bases and pans. A shower base serves as shower’s foundation and helps direct water towards the drain. 

 If left unchecked for maintenance for a long time, it can lead to water leakage, potential bathroom accidents, and a potential shower base repair that can cost over a thousand dollars. 

While extended use of the shower can lead to eventual wear and tear, there are other factors to look out for. Make sure to check out these issues as well.

Water damage

Water leakage is a common issue for homeowners, yet it is one of the most difficult to deal with. The reason? It’s usually undetected until something bursts or gives way. Shower bases, while waterproof in design, are not immune to the damaging effects of a water leak. If water does not seem to drain or if you start to see stains on your shower floor, it’s time to schedule a shower base crack repair.

Faulty installation 

Faulty shower installations, including conversions from alcove bath to shower, can also cause a shower base to crack sooner. Professionally done shower bases should be sloped so water can efficiently move towards the drain hole. If a shower pan is used, the base should be a flat. If installation guidelines are not followed properly, this can lead to cracks on the shower floor. Avoid a DIY shower repair for faulty shower base installations to prevent further damage.

Substandard materials

There are a lot of cheap and decent-looking shower bases. But some are not made of quality materials. Stories are circulating online about shower pans that crack only after a few weeks. If buying fiberglass, acrylic or molded stone shower pans, make sure to have it installed properly to avoid an unnecessary shower base crack repair.

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